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How to catch your boyfriend / girlfriend cheating on Snapchat
Snapchat is incredibly popular across a wide demographic of internet users especially for the primary allure of oscurity which we all secretly crave. In that secrecy, a lot of private materials are exchanged every second, minute and hour of the day which has created an uncanny curiosity with another group of users who for, obvious reasons ,want to find out what those materials are. Without any doubt, the most popular, being sexual contents, which can vary from nude pictures and videos to very sexually-laced conversations which many prefer would remain hidden. Since there is an apparent need for such intrusiveness, there will always be software mercenaries who would get down to work and milk the situation for whatever it’s worth. Hence, the increasing rise and growth of the Snapchat hacking websites and apps.
Snapchat hacking is almost like the cyberspace equivalent of the ‘E’ Channel program, “Cheaters”, which hires a private eye to follow a susposedly cheating spouse in order to gather enough evidence on their extramarital sexual exploits. However, snapchat hacking websites make the job a lot easier especially for those who would patronize them. Not surprisingly, there are so many of them out there and who have mostly latched on to one major flaw of the snapchat platform which surprisingly has to do with content insecurity.
Even though Snapchat has always promised a secure usage of their application were all such juicy short videos, erotic chats and nude pictures, amongst others, would be safely destroyed and forgotten forever. To an extent, this was true but unfortunately, not totally. While those contents still gets deleted from the principal server but they are always stored away in an external server which is were the vulnerability comes from. Even though they are encrypted with the popular SHA-256 algorithm, the Snapchat hacking sites have managed to penetrate these barriers of cyber shields and hence access those stored away users content.
As with all the hacking sites, the user is simply required to input the Username of the snapchat account they are interested in. The system goes on to work and takes as much as a minute to complete the task which , in my opinion, is a small sacrifice compared to the promise of gaining access to a chest of salivating media materials. What could prompt anyone to do this? You may ask. The reasons range from the need to know if a spouse or partner has been unfaithfilul, to the greed associated with monetizing these picture, chats and videos especially when they belong to very popular persons in the society.
Like criminals, these people are constantly evolving. They understand that Snapchat creators and handlers are doing what they can to stop these snooping activities by churning out quick new updates which could cripple their operations, so they, on their part, would logically work twice as hard to stay in business. They are certainly here to stay as long as there are still weakly protected juicy contents up for grabs.

Why do people cheat on Snapchat? Ruined Relationships
Snapchat, that app with the yellow colored ghost-like icon, is not different from many other social media platforms out there except for how media content is handled in a jiffy. As the name implies, you have to snap a picture or make a short video which you send to people you are acquainted with and most times, to people you don’t know a thing about. The best part was that the sent contents disappeared after a period. So, there is no trace of these videos or pictures on your devices. I am sure you already know about this but to me, that was borderline weird from the get go.
When I first got to know about snapchat and understand how it was used, what stood out to me was the sense of secrecy sasociated with it. You get to be able to take these pictures and make some not so ‘society friendly’ videos without anyone seeing them. So I thought then, but I know a lot better today as nothing truly totally secret in today’s cyber world. In a nut shell, it is a perfect platform to do things you are not very proud of.
There is that aura about snapchat that encourages cheating because you feel totally protected. People send all sorts of videos including rated ones for different reasons including a need to seduce and hence to ply one of the oldest trades in human existence (prostitution), according to some, while others see it as an avenue to send intimate images and videos to secret online lovers who they’d never seen.
It mostly creates a false sense of freedom and excitement as the participants feel unhinged to share private materials. It almost feels like the Blackberry days again where you were assured of your text messages being water-tight secured, hidden away from the prying eyes of the Feds and government agencies, but unlike that time, personal videos and pictures are now involved.
Snapchat is just convenient for cheating because it is untraceable. The materials dissappears like a bubble after a short while. Unlike normal media contents, your spouses, partners or job colleagues can’t find that evidence on your phone so you continue to thrive under the cover that famous yellow ghost.
The Future of the Snapchat Stock
Snapchat have decided to sell their shares on the stock market. This move is planned to generate $3,000,000,000 for the company which some researchers say is at its peak value. Obviously selling stocks when the company is worth the most is the best plan of action and is a “buy-out” for the owners of the Snapchat who must not be planning to grow anymore than they currently have.
The rapidly growing mobile application boasts almost 160 million daily users and allows its users to send pictures (predominantly “selfies”) to their friends. Snapchat was originally created with the ideas of these images disappearing after a few seconds but has changed over time. The application now allows for text chats which allow for images to stay until the user closes the chat and several other new ideas. The company is credited for popularizing certain image filters such as rainbows coming from people’s mouths and face swaps. These types of filters are commonly used by celebrities and sometimes uploaded to rival applications such as Instagram.
With Snapchat now selling their stock, this could lead to a decline in updates for the application and possibly lead it on a downward slope. Only time will tell what is in store for this application and the founders.
Hacking with Snapchat services
Hacking is not done only for illegal purposes. You may desire to hack your friend’s Snapchat account? Or you have a firm desire to hack or spy account of your favourite celebrity?
Well, if you have the username of that account ready, then you can hack any account using Snapchat Hack or Snapchat Spy services. You want to hack other people’s account for different genuine purposes. For instance, if someone is trying to blackmail you, then you can hack their account. Or if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you or you are doubtful about them, this Snapchat services can help you in getting evidence.
Earlier, hacking and spying other person’s accounts was difficult. Many installation and downloads were required to hack accounts. Some people even introduced duplicate hacking and spying software that were not effective to suffice the purpose.
Hence, Snapchat Hack and Snapchat Spy services come into picture. These services provide a user-friendly interface. It is very easy and simple to utilize these procedures. It implies that there is no need for downloading any complicated software or installation of any hack on your device. You just need to have a good internet connection on your device to enable your Snapchat services.
Our team of Snapchat services is dedicated in development and coding of this effective tool for your benefit. This tool will be available for free. It means you do not want to spend thousands of dollars to hack the accounts you want. We have made it free because we want maximum number of people to benefit from this free service.
Snapchat hack and Snapchat Spy are web based services. You can experience the entire fun and magic in your browser window itself without any installation and downloading procedures. Another advantage of Snapchat services is that they are friendly on any device. In case you have any Android or iOS or a P, you can use the Snapchat services for free.
The Snapchat services have been used effectively by thousands of people. Since this tool is free, there is no harm in using it and experiencing the results instantly. It gives you an entirely revolutionary experience.
Snapchat, a modern form of cheating
Cheating has been a part of human relationships since the beginning of time. Millions of videos and pictures are shared daily on social media. Snapchat and other social networking apps have become a vital part of our daily lives and also our friendships and intimate relationships. Snapchat has an impact on how users interact with each other and it also as an impact its users’ relationships both positively and negatively. This article will answer questions like how is Snapchat affecting our relationships? And how has Snapchat increased the rate of cheating in relationships. Listed below are a few reasons why Snapchat encourages people to cheat on their partner, and why the app can drive the rest of us crazy with insecurity and jealousy. Don’t let it get to you, however, just make sure you and your partner communicate regularly, and not just through social media or a mobile app.
1. It creates a room for secrets and suspicions: Snapchat users are very much aware that getting away with cheating is really easy on Snapchat. It makes partners jealous, jealous in the sense that snapchat on like other social media apps have less information about a user which can trigger insecurity, suspicions, paranoia in your partner and it also makes a user uncomfortable because they always have to worry about their partner’s activities online. A recent study found that Snapchat made young people more jealous than even Facebook. Researchers concluded that these young users assumed that the activity going on was inherently secretive and suspicious.
2. It puts a lot of pressure on couples: With all the jealousy and suspicions over cheating on Snapchat, its users have to make really good efforts to reassure their partners in having trust in the relationships. This means couples have to be each other’s best friend. They have to create little or no room for outside parties in their relationship. Even when you are on social media your partner has to be your top priority. The app recently removed its best friend feature and it allows you to see the users that are connected to each other.
3. High Risk of Temptation: Because of the nature of Snapchat the level of getting tempted is extremely high. When a picture or message is sent on Snapchat is disappears immediately its opened. Since a user knows this he or she will want to cheat because they know there won’t be any evidence to prove that they ever cheated. Snapchat was originally made for adults to be naughty with each other without leaving evidence behind. Snapchat is a best place for people who feel they do not get enough satisfaction from their relationship.
With sexting made easy on Snapchat, one would not have to think about the endless lies and the consequences that will come with cheating. It makes one to be courageous and bold because a picture that lasts only 10 seconds will never be seen again. In my honest opinion, it is not that Snapchat can ruin your relationship, people make poor decisions and act selfishly that’s why relationships don’t last long anymore.
The Psychology of Snooping (Snapchat Cheating)
If you found your partner on Snapchat with someone else, how would you react? Would you be suspicious or even a little bit hurt? Distrust between partners is one of the leading causes for a couple to breakup. For a relationship to flourish there must be trust between both people.
With that said, the thought of seeing the inner working of your mates mind is tantalizing to your naturally curious brain; so you figure scrolling through his saved messages real quick won’t do anyone any harm, so you slide open a snap. Your eyes dart from message to message, intently deciphering the hidden meaning behind each keystroke as increasingly grimmer potential scenarios play throughout your head. With all this knowledge you have gained, there is something you risk losing, the trust of your partner.
Going through your partner’s phone is a huge violation of your mutual trust and can create a rift in the relationship may be unfixable. Although Snapchat provides an easy outlet for adulterous activities, you should trust that you have instilled enough love within your partner and built a strong enough relationship that they would never dream of cheating on you. Paranoia has evolved to keep the human race aware of things such as predators or other things that may threaten us or prevent our happiness. This hunter-gatherer emotion is extant in the modern world, still keeping us aware of unknown dangers to our own well being, in this case, someone stealing your partner away from you.
Seeing your partner talk to someone else often raises suspicion but seeing them constantly talk to someone on Snapchat, an app notorious for being a hub for people guilty of infidelity only amplifies any base suspicion you already had. By deleting any picture sent after a set amount of time removes any traces except for messages that have been saved.
If you believe there are problems within your relationship you should bring it up with your partner directly rather than snooping through your phone. Not only will this put an end to any suspicions you may have had while also strengthening your relationship. This will create a precedent of talking to each other more and fixing problems because after all, communication is key in a relationship. When you get suspicious you often fall down a rabbit hole within your mind of suspicions, each more far fetched than the last but by talking with your partner about your suspicion you can stomp it out right away instead.
At the end of the day, as long as you and your partner are both happy, that is all that matters. If your partner truly was cheating, then you are too good for them and things seem to happen on their own like that sometimes. Looking through someone’s phone is an invasion of their privacy for sure but depending on your relationship it may be interpreted differently and results may vary as every single relationship in the world is different because every single human being on Earth is different from their memories to their chemistry, meaning no two relationships with be exactly the same.
My experiences with Snapchat and why one might want to spy on the account of another
Due to its simplicity and popularity, there is very little reason not to have snapchat for one purpose or another. I use it for quickly sending photos to friends, but mostly to view how the days of other people are going, because more and more people are not doing that on other social networks like Facebook anymore. With its well-connected text chat feature, it is often easier to open snapchat than to send a text message. Some may not have the best text-messaging cell phone plan, or maybe not even have a phone, so using snapchat on Wi-Fi using the text chat is often more cost-effective as well.
Due to its anonymity and often controversial uses, if a spouse has the snapchat app, one might feel suspicious about what the spouse is doing on there. That is why there is a high demand for “snapchat hacks” to provide access to a log or history about what an account is doing and who they are messaging. The same situation as text messaging, one might sneak onto a spouse’s device and see who and what they are messaging. Due to the more anonymous and self-destructing features of snapchat, this type of suspicion is enhanced. One might want to view the history of another person’s account to see if they are cheating in their relationship, and the anonymity features help to facilitate that.
The concept of snapchat being anonymity and self-destructing messages attracts many partners who want to chat discreetly with other lovers. As stated before, many suspicious partners may want to gain access to their accounts to view their history. Most relationships are built upon trust, so on the most part the partners would trust each other not to do such a thing, however one way to test the trust of your partner is to randomly ask for a check of their history, and if nothing suspicious is found this may strengthen even more the trust of the relationship.
But due to the nature of snapchat, many married couples might not have a need for the anonymous features of the app. The “stories” feature is a great way to view and capture vacations or events and this would be the main use for that demographic. The instant-destructing messaging feature of snapchat used mainly for more private things would not see much use in the married couple demographic and thus with just the “stories” feature, a married partner might not opt to even use the app, as other social networking websites such as Facebook provides similar features. However, the “stories” feature is much easier to use and these days getting more popular than Facebook as it is much easier to share moments and images, so one might download the app just for this feature.
Overall the anonymity of snapchat provides attraction for the more private types of messaging, and a suspicious partner might want to verify that their partner is not messaging another lover, and would seek methods to “spy” on their snapchat account to ensure this.
This is why you want to see other people’s Snaps
One of the most important aspects of Snapchat is that you can see into the lives of some of your friends and family, or even celebrities. Before to send a photo one must take it and attach it to an email or attach it to a text message, but snapchat came and made it easy to do so with just two taps. The most underlying basic feature about the app is simply sending a photo which will only last for a couple seconds and after will delete itself.
Often when friends are out on vacation they post their photos at the end of the trip to a service such as Facebook, however snapchat enables the user to see something the moment it is happening. Often times a person on snapchat sends candid photos to a small group of friends through the basic snapchat function. A person who wants photos to be more public can use the “stories” feature which allows any user who is friends with the sender to see those photos for 24 hours instead of only a select few people for a couple seconds only once. The name of the feature “stories” exactly describes the main function of the feature, to provide an easy-to-view function to view the story of someone’s day.
One of the main uses of this feature being a vacation allows many users to share their snaps as well as look into the stories of other users. To see into someone else’s vacation instantly through the stories feature is much preferable to waiting until the end of someone’s vacation and waiting for them to upload the photos to somewhere else. A snapchat user might want to view these photos right away so that they can see what is happening in the moment.
When on vacation or at an event, opening up snapchat is effortless and provides a very easy way to share moments. Viewing events is now much easier, as video or photo moments are skipped through every couple seconds when viewing multiple “stories” or “snapchats”.
Celebrities are using this function as well to provide an easy way for their fans to look into their lives. A fan of a celebrity can simply open up snapchat at the end of the day and have a slideshow of the day of the celebrity using the “stories” feature. One would want to use this feature as a way of looking into the personal lives of celebrities without waiting for an edited video on Youtube, as snapchat makes it very easy to share moments.
If someone moves away from their friends, opening up snapchat is one of the easiest ways to communicate with them and see how their lives are through video and photo. Snapchat also has a chat feature where images can also be embedded to make communication using text, image, and video work very well together and is often easier to use then dedicated messaging apps and is free to use unlike text messaging, especially internationally.
Why Snapchat is such a popular app
Snapchat is a very revolutionary service which revolutionized the way people send images to each other. Making it as easy as two clicks it is no surprise that millions are using this service. Snapchat aims to provide a sense of a self-destructing message which only the sender and the receiver can see, but in fact these photos are stored on Snapchat server for a long period of time. When users receive a photo they would like to save for themselves, they must screenshot the image, notifying the sender that the image has been screenshotted. Many users have also created services that attempt to hide that the photo has been screenshotted so that the sender never knows. This is one of the large controversies over the snapchat service as many users send photos with the intent of them being only available for a few seconds and disappearing after, but due to screenshotting these images are never truly destroyed.
Snapchat had developed a new feature on top of the main network in which a “Story” is created which for 24 hours any user who is “friends” with them on the application can view the image for as many times as they like. This is an often-used feature when users go on vacation as they can instantly broadcast and create a timeline of their vacation where their friends can see it for the 24 hours. The aim of the “story” feature is to provide a more public use for the app and since then Snapchat has taken the “story” feature much further. Now there are event-based stories where you can choose to add your image to a shared story where any user on the app in the area can view it. For example, a football stadium can choose to add a community story for the game and any fan can add their own image to the story, with moderation of course.
Snapchat recently chose to add many monetization features of the app for long-term revenue. They chose to implement ads in-between stories for all users to develop a stream of ad-revenue. Snapchat created a method for news organizations and magazines to purchase a slot on the stories page, so that they can publish their own news in the snapchat app itself. The news stories are more image based than a regular news article which fits very well within the app and is very easily-navigable on a small phone screen. Recently the company decided to go public on the stock market and there has been a lot of price volatility as many investors believe that due to snapchat only receiving revenue through advertising, they do not sell any real project and thus the investment decision would be poor. Snapchat has become a very successful social network along the years and these days it would be rare to find a young adult with a smartphone who does not own snapchat. With the ongoing debate about snapchat, the future of the application will be interesting to follow.
Snapchat App: Everything you need to know
In this piece of writing, we are going to learn about the social picture sharing app used by an estimated 150 million people daily. I want to cover the app in so much detail that you will fully understand the app in its entirety whilst keeping the content relevant and interesting for the reader.
The reader, whether they are an old or young (possibly future) user of the app will be able to understand the features, uses and security of Snapchat so that they can use it as the full, fun and free tool that it is.
I am going to cover the following topics related to the app, my goal being helping you to understand and use it, and for you to finish the article more knowledgeable and/or interested in Snapchat. If you would like to read on, you can expect to learn about the following:
1. An Introduction to Snapchat
2. Founders, history
3. Value
4. Versions of the app
5. Snapchat’s features and Slang, jargon, Lingo etc
6. Snapchat’s userbase
7. Their use of the app
8. Uses for the app: Business
An introduction to Snapchat
Snapchat’s logo is (and always has been) a yellow square with a white, outlined ghost in the middle. The ghost featured in their logo can be seen with fun things added, such as a pair of sunglasses of a ‘mortarboard’, a university graduation cap. These are extras added by Snapchat themselves for use within their app or website, or by fans who want to add to the logo whilst using it on their website, app, or image. The extras could be to add variety to the logo, to have some fun, or to look cool, trendy and fun for the predominantly young userbase of Snapchat. It is said that the ghost is to represent the nature of snaps being sent, as they disappear once viewed (but continue to exist in snapchat’s servers).
The ghost is part of the app, which is mostly owned by investors who names (except for the major investors) have not been released. It was founded by three people who were, at the time, studying at Stanford University. Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy created the app and named it so that they could found Snapchat, inc- this would later be renamed to Snap Inc.
Snapchat was created so that users could send disappearing (therefore more private and secure) photos and videos to their friends, with short captions and drawings added beforehand. These features are part of the reason to Snapchat’s success, as there was no app as easy and free- which still rings true today. These features are still included in the app, but many more have been added since. With time progressing and the huge success of the app, users are now able to add filters and location-based stickers and text to their snaps, which can be added to a new feature called a story- a collection of photos the user has uploaded in the last 24 hours.
Filters can change the color of the picture (‘snap’), add location or time based text/images, and more- such as times, current speed, altitude, and new features are being introduced as not only the app, but technology advances. Snapchat takes advantage of facial recognition so that effects, such as tiger/dog ears and a nose can be added which move with the user, turning them into an animal, placing them into a different environment such as a jungle or the ocean, or adding glasses which reflect a random or themed image.
Snapchat has stayed with the times – constantly introducing new features, and (I will write about this in the paragraph regarding business uses) offering powerful advertisements so that it can be profitable for investors, continuing to grow in users, placing its value at an estimated $25 billion. However, stocks for Snapchat are current declining, going down to around $19 per unit from $25 in just a month.
Snapchat can be downloaded free of charge for iPhone and Android from the respective app stores, but it cannot used on a Windows phone. There are no apps for Windows phones, and all third party apps have been removed from the Windows app store. You can download Snapchat from the App store (iPhone) at: the Google Play store for Android at:
The Snapchat app seems to run better, with up to date features and more frequent updates on the iPhone app, with Android users being very limited when it comes to filters, new features and app stability. Perhaps iPhones are more powerful and up to date in terms of technology, but it’s possible that Snapchat struggle to keep up with the many variations of and devices using Android.

Snapchat’s features & Jargon
I wrote about what Snapchat used to do, what has been added, and other little features that helped introduce readers to the app and article; and I want to cover each feature in more detail so readers can understand each use of Snapchat. This will help us go through to talk about how the features appeal to the user base, supplying their needs when using a photo sharing app. Readers have to know about Snapchat’s features before progressing through the article, as each feature can be used for business- a use of the app which we will talk about after the above point has been documented whilst covering the jargon associated with Snapchat alongside that.
As we know, the main focus of Snapchat is to share disappearing photos with strangers and friends. The app’s main use is to share photos and now, even videos- and Snapchat has developed and improved their app with that in mind. They appeal to the younger audiences whilst moving forward with photo sharing capabilities, letting those who want to send photos and videos to others using their app do so in more ways with more features- constant updates keeping things fresh and new, the features of Snapchat make it a useful app which brings users coming back.
To add someone on Snapchat, you can click the ghost at the top of the screen whilst on the ‘camera’ section of the app. You can add people by name, unique snapcode (Basically snapchat’s version of a QR code) or by searching nearby users. Adding someone lets you send ‘snaps’ to each other, view each others stories, and send text chats (which still disappear) to each other.
Sending snaps to each other every day builds a ‘streak’- a counter for the number of consecutive days you have both sent, seen and replied to each other’s snaps. With each new add, you have another person to send a snap to.
‘Snaps’ or a snap is the image you send to someone on Snapchat. These can have captions, filters, and disappear when seen. If somebody screenshots your snap, you’re given a notification as sort of a damage control put in place by Snapchat. There is no way of preventing users screen-shotting your snaps, although they have tried to make it more difficult by having the photo disappear when the recipient takes their finger off the screen. To add a caption, tap the screen- to apply filters, scroll left or right on the camera.
Your story is a collection of photos that you upload to a section of Snapchat- these last 24 hours, and you can upload as many as you’d like, putting photos and videos up for anyone (or just contact, if you’ve changed your settings to have it like that) to see. These don’t disappear once viewed, instead they stay on your profile for people to view as many times as they’d like.
Filters are a fun way of changing your pictures- adding beautiful colors, fun effects such as the ‘dog face’ and making your snaps look better through brightness and contract changing filters. Some add colors with a faint layer of color, others change the way your photos look by going the same, but adding/subtracting brightness, sharpness, and other things. There are filters for black and white, sepia, and more are being added weekly.
Some filters let you add a time, speed, altitude and more to your snap. You can add locations, events and other things to your snap by going through the filters- there are usually many variations of each filter for you to explore and use.
By holding your finger on the screen, Snapchat can recognise faces- adding ears, noses and changing your eyes to place you in different environments, or show you as a different animal or person.

Snapchat’s userbase
Snapchat is primarily used by the younger generation- 14 to 18 year olds use the app to talk to their friends easier, more privately, and with a more personal touch. They aren’t the only users of the app, but they are certainly the largest part of the userbase.
The filters are often appealing to them, being fun animals, places, etc. The snaps are quick, and users can build streaks- something most younger people enjoy (building streaks and numbers, such as snap-score)
The nature of Snapchat, being private and easy, means that the users can send nudes- naked pictures to each other. It’s probably the easiest, fastest and most secure way, and there aren’t a lot of adults doing this.

Snapchat for Business
As the app is easy to use, with potential customers being able to find your name with ease, view your stories whenever they’d like (which can be 24 hour advertisements) and communicate with you, Snapchat is a great app to have for your business. We can expand on this, as having an account and story is free, yet still a great way to gain exposure. It goes beyond the free method of doing it yourself, and through paid advertising, you can show your brand, yourself or your products to millions of targeted Snapchat users.
Why is Snapchat advertising better than Instagram advertisements? It’s simple. The app collects data from its users, which is very in-depth and very useful when they allow business profiles to advertise through them. They offer very precise, cheap advertisements which as always on social media, has a good chance of going viral.